Making the Marketing Plan a Priority

Hey Restaurants: How much is success worth to you?

Numerous moving parts must function simultaneously when it comes to running a successful restaurant, but is having strategic marketing plan one of them? It better be….

The biggest mistake restaurants owners make is opening their doors without a strategic marketing plan. While many owners get offended by the idea of a marketing strategy or needing additional marketing to bring new customers into their business, those who understand and adapt to the changes of the internet are reaping the benefits.

5 Reasons Restaurants Don’t Have A Marketing Plan

1. They think it’s too expensive

– Is a marketing budget that brings in new and repeat customers for less than a $10/hour employee too expensive? Not a chance. Advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not only the most advanced form of marketing, they’re inexpensive.

2. They think they can do it themselves

– Many restaurants believe they can handle their own social media and reputation management but in reality, it’s a full-time job requiring constant monitoring. It should be taken seriously and demands more than great pictures.

3. They have an employee who ‘knows’ social media

– Owners often make a costly mistake when they allow an employee to run their social media. This is a job for an expert who understands and stays educated on the variety of platforms which literally change every day. You’re limiting your business’ potential when you put something so crucial to its success, in the hands of an employee without the proper knowledge.

4. It’s not a priority

– What’s on the menu, hiring qualified employees, finding the right food distributor, finding a location, and having A STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN are all necessities prior to opening the doors. If being successful is important to you, make the marketing plan a priority.

5. Pride/they don’t need it

– Unfortunately, most restaurant owners believe food and service is enough to keep the doors open. While these ‘should’ act as the only ingredients for a restaurant’s success, this is not the case. A well thought out marketing plan that takes advantage of the social media opportunity canbe a game changer for restaurants allowing them to attract new customers and ethically steal from local competition.

Rest mktgWe’re currently in unique time for local businesses, where they can, cost effectively, implement advanced targeting to reach their desired audience. Restaurants who implement a strategic marketing plan will considerably stand out from the heard. Others, will get left behind.


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