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Digital Marketing/Social Media

Utilizing proven result-driven marketing strategies to deliver the most effective campaigns and attain measurable results. If you’re paying someone to “manage your social media” chances are you should stop immediately. We’ve worked in restaurants, owned restaurants and focus on restaurants. We know the game, we know the grind.

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Email, Mobile Marketing & Chat Bots

Chat Bots provide an automated response service for businesses that save on labor costs and time, while providing the customer with prompt and direct answers. If you think email marketing has come and gone, then you’re missing out on a powerful tool to bring new customers to your restaurant. We create email lists that allow you to reach your customers on demand, with out spamming or flooding their inbox. We build trust with customers so we can comfortably send messages directly to their mobile.

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Local SEO, Website Design, Reputation Management

Making your business visually appealing to the customer on local searches (Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc.). Seen at the top of search engines (above competitors). A beautiful website that drives traffic to your restaurant. A process for managing to reviews and communicating with your customers to create an first class experience.

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Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Do restaurants need a marketing strategy?? Most restaurants lack any sort of documented plan to for attaining new and repeat customers. We’ll develop a strategic plan for you that makes you stand out from ‘everyone else’ and set you for success. We create a strategic marketing plan that will get you from point A to point B

About Us

Helping Restaurants Reach Their True Potential
Expert Digital Marketers Bringing You New & Repeat Customers

If you're still wondering what we really do, we INCREASE REVENUE! It's simple, we bring new customers through your door so you can focus on your expertise, food and service. We don't just manage and update your social media, if that's all you need, you've come to the wrong place. Our focus is on tangible and trackable results that can be measured, improved and continuously achieved month in and month out. We see our clients goals as our own. Our motivation is to help grow your business or not do business at all. We use proven strategies to bring you new customers and turn them into repeat customers. We know that restaurants have little to put towards marketing and that old school marketing methods are no longer as efficient as they once were. We're not cheap, but we are the BEST at what we do. We innovate our way to create RESULTS and deliver a ROI in ways other agencies cannot.

Meet Our CEO

Entrepreneur/Marketing Strategist/Chef

Marty Schecht

Founder & CEO
Marty’s helped restaurants grow through result-driven strategic marketing and advanced targeting. He’s worked in, owned, and lived the restaurant life. He know’s the grind and he’s passionate about helping restaurants grow.

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